Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blogging, Tweeting and Schools

Richard Byrne brings up an interesting point on his Free Technology for Teachers blog. In a post on Don't Eat Lunch Alone he talks about the lack of a lunch room to eat with his fellow teachers at his school. He also brings up the negativity of these rooms. I have to agree with him. I was often staying clear of faculty rooms in schools either while student teaching or substitute teaching because of the sometimes negative gossip that goes on. I like Byrne's idea of a lunch tweet with fellow educators at a certain time. By having what he calls a PLN (personal learning network) with educators you can talk with numerous other educators as well as removing your self from some of negativity of "faculty" rooms.

I think by partaking in social networks for thirty minutes at lunch time can help teachers and administrators ease themselves into become tweeters (is that the correct word?). In her blog What About That Twitter Thing? Silvia Tolisano mentions how teachers, administrators, and superintendents are overwhelmed by tweeter and do not see it as relevant. I can see how they think that, but by simply using it as a tool amongst teachers in the same building, same state, same country and even the same world can give teachers the space to ask just about anything. I think in a world that is being overtaken by technology twitter can have a valuable role as a place for teachers to share and discuss their ideas with colleagues and teachers abroad.

I like love the idea of using twitter to simply talk to, question and find out what other teachers are doing. Any time you can talk to different teachers is beneficial to you and your students. I think it also gives teachers who may be shy to speak out publicly or share their ideas personally a place to simply share and post their thoughts.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Flat Stanley as A Social Studies Project

LINK -----> Sally The Traveling Bear

I read this blog and absolutely feel in love with the idea of having my students take a stuffed animal to somewhere historical in their communities or wherever they go. I think this would be an excellent idea for a project. You can either have students go to these places physically and/or virtually and have to create some sort of blog with pictures, information and how they feel about it. I tend to like any blogs that give me ideas for future projects.