Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Creative Commons Licensing

In the teaching world sharing is everything. We teachers share lessons, materials, pictures, text and just about everything. As a teacher it is our job to also make sure that we are not stealing something as we have to pay attention and give credit where credit is due. Flickr's creative commons licensing allows you to borrow pictures from others. Attribution allows others to copy, display and perform the your copyrighted work. You must give credit or a person must give you credit if you change the picture. A photo labeled noncommercial means that you can be all of the above but for noncommercial purposes. If a photo is labeled no derivative works then the person sharing the photo must share the copy of the photo as is and not change or alter the shared photo. A share alive label means that you allow others to share and distribute your picture as long as you remain under the same license that is identical to the original.
National Day of Action in Defense of Public Education

This photo belongs to Fibonacci Blue

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