Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pod Casting

A New Way to Do Current Events

One way in which I see podcasting being used in my classroom could be for students to listen to different casts and report on them. Over the course of a year I would have my students listen to various podcasts, at least one a month and at the end of the month have them create their own podcast in relation to world events. I would want my students to try to cover four different issues at least over the course of the year. I would even think of having them listen to two different podcasts a month from NPR and on their blog just briefly commenting on them. They could then use this for their end of semester podcasts.

The link to the NPR podcast that is the inspiration for this idea.
NPR Podcast

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  1. This Worldview program sounds intriguing. I may start listening to it myself.
    Dr. Burgos