Thursday, September 23, 2010


I created a project for a graduate classes where I was able to use ning. I really liked what it had to offer for in terms of this project. I had it so students had to, in groups of four, research one of four enlightenment thinkers. Create a ning for one thinker each and then they would have to join a group that I created called enlightened thinkers and then act as if they were their enlightenment thinkers discussing their ideas. I like the idea of ning as something you can use in your classroom for students. Here is a link to my fake ning I created but it no longer works. Enlightenment Thinkers

I also ning as a tool for teachers to stay connected I really like the classroom 2.0 ning. Anywhere where teachers can go to discuss, question and post ideas for education is beneficial to both teachers and students. I remember when I first began student teaching and being stuck trying to find other ideas on how to better connect Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin and design a lesson for my students. I remember sitting at my computer trying to google different ideas. If I at the time had ning and maybe a social studies teachers ning I could have asked and looked more easily for ideas. I also like the idea of UB English Department has a ning, I think all departments should have something similar to this.

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  1. I think your idea of each department at UB having a Ning is a good one. It would not only serve as a source of information, but would keep graduates in touch with each other and with pre-service teachers who might benefit from their expertise.

    Dr. Burgos